Public Programme

傾傾偈揼石仔:社區連結實驗 x 和平學小書展
Chatting as an endeavour - Community engagement projects showcase x Book exhibition on Peace Studies


What chemistry occurs when we listen and talk?
Our annual public programme invites you to explore peacebuilding in the community!

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Summer 2022
Peace Fellowship
has concluded!

Landing Page Fellowship

This summer we took a cohort of Fellows on an immersive and stimulating peace journey. We explored what peace means to us individually and to our community.

Watch the video for highlights from the 2021 Summer Peace Fellowship.

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Transforming Conflict

Hong Kong is experiencing a vortex of conflicts. Violent clashes in the streets may have dissipated but the scenes play in our heads still. Fresh conflicts continue to feed the vortex.

We believe it is insufficient to stop an outburst or to negotiate a settlement.

Peace gives us the framework for transformation.

Peace is an

Landing Page Transforming 2

Our endeavour is to build a culture of sustainable peace for this and future generations in Hong Kong.

Our idea of peace is formed in the context of Hong Kong society.