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Peace: reverberations of social healing

15/10/2022 (Sat)
6pm - 8pm
@一拳書館 Book Punch
(廣東話主講 Cantonese)

讀住傾 Stories from:When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation

讓我們一同以頌缽傳遞和表達那些無以名狀的經歷。頌缽的聲音引發空氣震動,與人們身、心、靈產生共鳴,從而重整紊亂的節奏,釋放不安。在這個聲音治療(sound healing)活動,和平時代會介紹頌缽爲何是集體療癒(social healing)的比喻和工具。藝術家羅鎧欣將帶來頌缽的各種音色、質地、震動、頻率,加上其他樂器和聲音,營造一片聲境,讓我們感受共振,互相連結,從而想像集體療癒的可能。

分享嘉賓簡介:羅鎧欣 x 馬嘉明
羅鎧欣是一位音樂工作者、聲頻療癒工作者、敲擊樂手、歌者、音樂教育工作者,畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,並於Rice University Shepherd School of Music完成音樂碩士課程。羅氏為 The College of Sound Healing (UK) 培訓的聲頻療癒師,亦為臼井靈氣、慈悲靈氣、古埃及靈氣大師級治療師,及靜坐冥想導師。羅氏不時獲邀舉行聲頻療癒工作坊。羅氏與一眾女性創立了Healing Arts Club,匯聚社群推動身心靈全面健康。

馬嘉明在創立和平世代之前,曾在新聞、銀行和法律界工作。 她接觸和平學是由接受調解培訓及修讀國際和平學碩士開始。 她曾為不同的和平組織工作,並發表了關於社區安全、和平進程僵局以及商業與和平的文章。 她亦擔任數個民間社會組織和倡議計劃的顧問。

Let’s immerse ourselves in the collective experience of social healing. Together, we will explore how a singing bowl can serve as a metaphor - and a tool - for social healing.  Heidi Law, a sound healing practitioner and a musician, will demonstrate the special properties of singing bowls and lead us to experience the vibration, sound and resonance within ourselves and towards one another. 

About the speakers: Heidi Law x Teresa Ma
Heidi Law is a musician, sound healing practitioner, percussionist, singer and educator. She received her sound healing training at  The College of Sound Healing (UK).Heidi is often invited to give healing workshops. Since 2021, she has been co-hosting the Healing Arts Club, which is a healing space for women. Heidi is also a Reiki practitioner and Certified Meditation Teacher. She graduated from the CUHK with Bachelor of Arts in Music, later acquired Master of Music in Percussion Performance from Shepherd School of Music, Rice University.

Prior to founding Peace Generation, Teresa Ma worked in journalism, banking and law. Her engagement with peacebuilding began with mediation training and graduate studies in international peace.  She has worked for different peacebuilding organisations and has published papers on community security, impasse in peace processes and business and peace. She is also an adviser to several other civil society organisations and initiatives.