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讀住傾: 和平最前線
Peace: at the frontlines

22/10/2022 (Sat)
7pm - 9pm
@一拳書館 Book Punch
(廣東話主講 Cantonese)

讀住傾 Stories from:The Frontlines of Peace: an Insider's Guide to Changing the World


分享嘉賓簡介:龐一鳴 x 馬嘉明

馬嘉明在創立和平世代之前,曾在新聞、銀行和法律界工作。 她接觸和平學是由接受調解培訓及修讀國際和平學碩士開始。 她曾為不同的和平組織工作,並發表了關於社區安全、和平進程僵局以及商業與和平的文章。 她亦擔任數個民間社會組織和倡議計劃的顧問。

The frontlines of war, filled with horrific and bloody images of devastation and desolation, are not hard to picture. Yet, where there is conflict, there is also the possibility of peace. Perhaps, you are already standing right at the frontlines of peace. In this session, we will be joined by the founder of Book Punch, Pong Yat Ming, and will, together, awaken each other‘s imagination and action, navigate the frontlines of peace in our community and learn about the remarkable stories of ordinary folks who are confronting violence effectively in their own communities around the world.

About the speakers: Pong Yat Ming x Teresa Ma
Pong Yat Ming introduced the Human Library to Hong Kong in conjunction with the Breakazine team in 2011.  Since then, in promoting Human Library Hong Kong, he has been addressing issues of prejudice, discrimination and conflict in society. Yat Ming has also begun several initiatives to explore the possibilities of social change - e.g. Kong Yeah (about local agriculture and produce); Let's Start (about performance in public space) and Book Punch (a community book shop).

Prior to founding Peace Generation, Teresa Ma worked in journalism, banking and law. Her engagement with peacebuilding began with mediation training and graduate studies in international peace.  She has worked for different peacebuilding organisations and has published papers on community security, impasse in peace processes and business and peace. She is also an adviser to several other civil society organisations and initiatives.

If you want to study what keeps the peace, it’s not the stories of leaders alone, but the story of common people.

 -- Hussein Bulhan, 摘錄於 quoted in The Frontlines of Peace: An Insider's Guide to Changing the World