idea of PEACE

Peace is an endeavour.

Our idea of peace is formed in the context of Hong Kong society.

We believe society should be founded on justice and equity for everyone. Society should also have means for dealing with change and differences which are inclusive, participatory, fair and accountable.

For us, peace is not just a set of circumstances but also a way of living. Peace is realised through our daily choices: How do I react when someone disagrees with me? Should I try to find out why others see things so differently? When in a conflict, do I compete to make my point or do I give in and feel resentful? Do I speak up when I see injustice? Is it ok to hurt my enemy in order to protect my own?

Peace requires us to make difficult choices, and to practise values and attitudes and beliefs that would bring about a society free of violence. Peace is an endeavour.

Violence &

Peace means to roll back violence.

Violence can be direct, structural or cultural.

Direct violence = behaviour or consequence of behaviour that threatens human lives directly.

Structural violence = structures or arrangements that create or perpetuate social injustice and inequity.

Cultural violence = values, attitudes and ways of living that legitimises direct or structural violence.

Peace means to roll back not just direct violence but also structural and cultural violence.

Note: These types of violence are conceived by Johan Galtung, widely regarded as the pioneer of peace studies. For him, the absence of direct violence brings about negative peace only and positive peace includes the absence of structural and cultural violence.