2022 Summer Fellowship

Re-examine and Rethink Hong Kong through the Peace Lens

COVID resurgence, political uncertainty, large-scale armed conflicts and fallouts plus paradigm shifts in technology combine to make a dizzying cocktail.

Making sense of the past, present and future has never been more challenging. 

How do we stay connected to the here and now? How do we learn from the past and live fully in the present to inform and imagine the future?

The Peace Fellowship is an opportunity for young people to examine these questions through the peace lens. Twelve Peace Fellows will co-explore the possibilities of and for peace, first in a workshop setting and then within the community.

Read on if you are a university student in Hong Kong and have an open-mind and strong interest in social, political and cultural issues.

(Application for the 2022 Summer Peace Fellowship has been closed.)

Workshops and Community Engagement

The summer fellowship consists of two parts: 

  • Part 1 Workshops (July and August 2022): 7 days of workshops and other group activities on various facets of peace and conflict

  • Part 2 Community engagement (two weekends in October 2022): A month-long programme in October, curated and carried out jointly by Peace Generation and the Peace Fellows. Fellows will work in teams to conceive and organise activities to engage with the community -  book exhibitions, community walks, film screenings, audio-visual presentations, publications and other creative forms of engagement.

The Peace Fellowship will be conducted largely in Cantonese. 活動主要以廣東話進行。

Brian Wong
Brian Wong @Liber Research Community 本土研究社
Preserving the past: civil society initiatives
Chelsea Ma
Chelsea Ma
Reconciliation: possibilities
Elaine Lin
Elaine Lin@Asia Art Archive
Preserving the past: civil society initiatives
Fiona Ching
Fiona Ching @Peace Generation
Futures thinking
Frankie Ng
Frankie Ng
Infrasound of conflict
Johnson Yeung
Johnson Yeung
Salt@Corrupt The Youth 好青年荼毒室
Reconciliation: possibilities
Professor Simon Chu
Prof. Simon F.K. CHU
Truth: bridging the past & future
Teresa Ma
Teresa Ma @Peace Generation
Peace & Conflict
Wong Tin Yan
Wong Tin Yan
Discovering community resilience

Part 1: Workshops: Understanding Peace and Conflict (July & August 2022)

The Fellowship will begin by exploring the basic concepts of peace and conflict. This will be followed by a deep dive to look at how societies can transform during conflict and in post-conflict situations. The workshops are designed to provide a safe space for interactive learning and exchanging views. 

Making sense of the past:  Our present and our future are informed and shaped by the past.  How then should we remember and understand the past ? What roles can individuals and civil society play in these acts of remembering and understanding the past? Is it possible and desirable to arrive at a collective narrative of the past? Do remembering and remembrance show the way to building sustainable peace? How do we avoid a single narrative in recording history and how do we reconcile different experiences and perspectives?

Transforming conflicts: Many believe that conflict is inevitable and some even take the view that conflict is essential to social development.  How then can we better understand the complexity and dynamics of the conflicts in society? Why is trust necessary for tackling conflict and how best to build trust? How do we transform conflict into relationships that can sustain rather than break the community? 

Creating a vision of the future: What kind of future society do we want, for ourselves and for others? What things obscure or blur our vision? How does the peace lens help to shape our vision? 

Building community resilience: How do we sustain peace through community engagement? How do emerging forms of community change the ways we build peace? What roles do individuals and civil society organisations play in enabling meaningful and vital participation in building a collective future?

Part 2: Community Engagement: Peace in Action (2 weekends in October 2022)

In October, Peace Generation will host a month-long community engagement programme, and the Peace Fellows will be co-curators of this programme. As in our previous public programme, various forms of engagement will be undertaken. Past activities have included a book exhibition, human books, community walk, participatory art, dialogue with strangers and film screening.

How does it work?

Put ideas into action: Fellows will work in teams to research a peace topic and relate it to Hong Kong. Fellows will translate the topic into community engagement activities.

Integrate peace values: Values at the core of peacebuilding, such as inclusivity, respect, trust, nonviolence and sustainability, will be key design considerations of the community engagement activities.

Be creative: To break through conflict and build peace, bold imagination will be essential.  

Mentorship: Fellows will be able to test and refine planned activities with guidance from experienced and dedicated community engagement practitioners.

Duration and Commitment:

The community engagement programme is scheduled for October 2022. Fellows are expected to: 

  • Work closely with other Peace Fellows and the Peace Generation team

  • Communicate regularly with venue partners and mentors

  • Spend at least one day per week in August and in September on planning the activities

  • Participate in the community engagement programme on two weekends in October


You should be: 

  • An undergraduate or graduate student in a Hong Kong tertiary education institution

  • Able to commit to the full programme (see below)

  • Interested in the intersection between peace and social, political and cultural issues in Hong Kong

  • Open-minded and passionate about learning and meeting people


Complete the application form now if you are interested in being a Peace Fellow.

Application deadline: 11:59pm, 12 June, 2022 (Sunday)

Want to know more? Join our briefing session on 20 May 2022 or get in touch at info@peacegeneration.hk

Key dates
  • Briefing session (hybrid arrangement): 3.30pm – 4.30pm, 20 May 2022 (Friday)

  • Deadline for application: 11:59pm, 12 June 2022 (Sunday)

  • Confirmation of successful application: 17 June 2022

  • Workshops (full day): 

    • Day 1: 16 July (Saturday)

    • Day 2: 17 July (Sunday)

    • Day 3: 23 July (Saturday)

    • Day 4: 24 July (Sunday)

    • Day 5: 30 July (Saturday)

    • Day 6: 6 August (Saturday)

    • Day 7: 20 August (Saturday)

  • Community engagement: 2 weekends in October 2022