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Hong Kong through the peace lens

Many are using the catch phrase ‘Big Era’ to describe the tumultuous times — full of change, confusion and uncertainty — in which we live. It also means we are all part of history in the making. How then do we shape our part in history? Can society develop without conflict? Must conflict always result in harm? Is there peace beyond compromise? What can we learn from other places that have experienced long-term and large-scale social/political unrest?

The Peace Fellowship programme is designed as a foundation course in peace studies for students interested in social, political and cultural issues. In a series of interactive workshops, site visits, panel or facilitated discussions and teamwork, Fellows will re-examine and rethink contemporary issues through the peace lens.

Peace Generation hosted our first cohort of 10 Peace Fellows in  January 2021. Learn more about subsequent cohorts following the links here: 2021 Summer cohort2022 Winter cohort2022 Summer cohort. The upcoming 2023 Summer Peace Fellowship is now open for application.

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Why join the Peace Fellowship?
Safe space
A safe space in which to share and listen to different points of view with respect and empathy
Meet the experts
Interactive workshops and discussions with peace practitioners and experts from various disciplines and backgrounds
A close community of Fellows and mentors who support you in your pursuit of sustainable peace in Hong Kong
Experiential learning activities that equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to re-examine social, political and cultural issues