Peace Education

What is
Peace Education?

Peace education is values-based learning that builds awareness, knowledge and skills for preventing and handling conflicts and instills a culture of peace.

A culture of peace “consists of values, attitudes and behaviours and reflect and inspire social interaction and sharing…and reject violence and endeavour to prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation…”, according to the United Nations(resolution A/RES/52/13).

Teacher Workshop:
Conflict analysis & transformation

  • Learn the importance of conflict sensitivity and to use different conflict analysis tools
  • Understand elements and dynamics of conflict
  • Learn different conflict handling approaches: conflict management, resolution, transformation
  • Discuss ways to transform conflict

Student Workshop:
Understanding conflict & peace

  • Understand the causes and triggers of conflict
  • Recognise different personal conflict styles
  • Learn how bystanders and others can affect conflict
  • Recognise emotions and needs in conflict
  • Understand fundamental concepts of peace
  • Be inspired by stories of peacebuilders

We promote values and ways of life that builds peace


We show practical skills that are backed by theories in peace studies


We share knowledge on the many facets of peace and make them relatable

We can tailor contents to meet each school’s specific needs.
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