Hong Kong is experiencing a vortex of conflicts. Violent clashes in the streets may have dissipated but the scenes play on in our heads and are relived in the media and court rooms. Fresh conflict — personal and social — continue to feed the vortex.

Peaceful protests had been the norm for Hong Kong’s social movements but many who have become disillusioned over no or worse change have decided to use or support violent means. The shift is met with more threat, more violence. In the community, we find deep anxiety, mistrust and rifts in families, among friends, in schools and the work place and between large sections of the people and the authorities.

We believe it is insufficient just to stop an outburst or even to negotiate a settlement. The underlying conditions and relationships have to be transformed. Peace gives us the framework for transformation.

We see a need for peacebuilding capacity and skills – both to deal with the current state of affairs and the many challenges ahead. Against this backdrop, we set up Peace Generation in spring 2020 with the mission to foster a culture of sustainable peace for this and future generations.

We want to change the way we view and respond to conflict in Hong Kong and build peace together in our everyday action.


Teresa Ma
Founder & Director

Prior to founding Peace Generation, Teresa worked in journalism, banking and law. She has a growing engagement with peace, having completed mediation training, graduate studies in international peace and published papers on community security, impasse in peace processes and business and peace. She is also adviser to several other civil society organisations.

Fiona Ching
Programme Director

Having worked across humanitarian, social innovation and private sector, Fiona brings multi-disciplinary experiences and skills to the team. Born and raised in Hong Kong, the social movement in 2019 prompted her to re-think conflict and peace, and inspired her to seek new narratives in and for our community.

Kit Choi
Programme Officer

Kit joined Peace Generation with the vision of promoting the concept of peace in Hong Kong. She is particularly passionate about integrating peace education in schools in Hong Kong. Kit recently obtained a masters degree in International Peace Studies in Tokyo. She is also a registered social worker in Hong Kong.

Ann Wong
Programme Officer

Ann worked in an auction house and a private foundation before joining Peace Generation. She is an art enthusiast who is particularly passionate about literature, illustrations, ballet and films. She is inspired by cathedral thinking - the idea of committing to a long-term vision for the next generation and beyond even if the early builders are not likely to see their vision come to fruition. Ann envisions a peaceful, sustainable, and free Hong Kong and strives to be one of its many builders.

Ericka Anne Regalado
Summer Intern 2021
Comparative Literature
University of Hong Kong (Year 4)
As a Comparative Literature student interested in narratives, identity and cultural memory, Ericka enjoys modes of storytelling, particularly in film and photography. She hopes to build a career in human rights and to advocate for social change through dialogue and community engagement. 
Ethan Chan
Summer Intern 2021

Human, Social, and Political Sciences
Cambridge University (Year 1)

He has joined Peace Generation to engage in dialogue with people from all walks of life and to foster a culture of peace amongst peers. He has long been passionate about social and economic justice issues and hopes to use peace as a bridge to a fairer and more equal Hong Kong. He aspires to be a journalist one day. In his free time, he plays basketball and watches Marvel movies.

Monica Wat
Summer Intern 2020

Law and Literature Studies
University of Hong Kong (Year 2)

Monica researched into inclusivity and different forms of identity and presented on participatory theatre and sexism. She is passionate about theatre, writes poems and had spent three months teaching English to students in Myanmar.

She described her internship as immersive, unexpected but enriching. "My internship at Peace Generation provided me with ample opportunities in learning about and fostering a culture of peace in Hong Kong," she said.

Damian Lee
Summer Intern 2020

International Relations
University of Leeds (Year 2)

Damian supported the team in various activities. He gave presentations on the impact on peace of cultural identity and the diaspora. Damian loves vintage books and scouring cities with his camera.

"With the mindset of an explorer, I learned about peacebuilding academically and had the chance to apply the concepts through organising peace education workshops and a dialogue session with youth." he said.