Sustained peace is only possible if members of different walks of society takes ownership of it. It is fundamental to our approach to work with other stakeholders in creating a shift in culture.

Sharing knowledge and skills

We share concepts, insights and stories on peace and conflict. We help people to recognise the dynamics of conflict, including how their perception and response can ease or fuel conflict. We want to introduce the peace lens and other components and conditions for building peace.

Changing the narrative

The “us vs. them” narrative is popular because it allows us to cling to the familiar. But it also deepens divides and inhibits creativity. The response to disagreement should be engagement -̶̶ ask why and listen, instead of saying ‘no’ outright or dealing a heavy hand. This is a first step towards changing the narrative.

Building community resilience

The community is a critical part of the solution to social problems. We support community participation in the conduct of public affairs. We wish to strengthen capacity in the community to build trust, transform conflict and collaborate in decision-making.

Creating a peace movement

Peace is possible if members of the community from different walks take up the endeavour of peacebuilding. Working with all stakeholders is fundamental to our goal of creating a shift in culture towards sustainable peace.


We welcome opportunities to work across different parts of the community and especially with young people.
If you are interested in any aspect of our work or wish to lend a hand, please get in touch.

Training workshops

We conduct training on conflict analysis plus effective and affective communication in conflict situations, restorative justice and other peace topics. Participants learn about conflict dynamics, personal conflict styles and mapping in the workshops.

Dialogue circles

We organise dialogue circles for different groups, including other civil society organisations, youths, teachers and parents. The dialogue circles are safe spaces for the exchange of experiences and thoughts on sensitive topics and are designed to facilitate trust building.

Peace fellowships

We have completed our first 3-month long summer internships. We will be offering the first winter peace fellowship programme in January 2021, to bring together young people who aspire to building peace for Hong Kong.

Research & publications

We conduct research to promote recognition, understanding and integration of peace in public and scholarly discussions in Hong Kong. We will publish the result of our research from time to time.