The Peace Fellowship is designed to be a foundational course in Peace Studies for university students curious about peace and conflict. By nature, Peace Studies is cross-disciplinary,therefore apart from workshop sessions hosted by the Peace Generation team, experts of different backgrounds and experiences were invited to share with the Fellows. Their stories and insights helped the Fellows to understand Peace and Conflict related issues from different perspectives.


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Brian Wong @Liber Research Community 本土研究社
Preserving the past: civil society initiatives
Chelsea Ma @Rainlily (風雨蘭)
Reconciliation: possibilities
Elaine Lin @Asia Art Archive (亞洲藝術文獻庫)
Preserving the past: civil society initiatives
Frankie Ng @NVC Resource Centre
Infrasound of conflict
Johnson Yeung
Salt @Corrupt The Youth (好青年荼毒室)
Reconciliation: possibilities
Professor Simon F. K. Chu
Truth: bridging the past & future
Wong Tin Yan @Form Society (合舍)
Discovering community resilience