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Designing peace: connecting dots in the community

30/10/2022 (Sun)
3pm - 5pm
@openground (1/F)
(廣東話主講 Cantonese)

讀住傾 Stories from:DESIGN & PEACE
Designing Peace: Building a Better Future Now
IDEAS ARRANGEMENTS EFFECTS: System Design and Social Justice

在深水埗走一圈,會發現許多臨時的「公民設計」,例如街角排成一排的舊椅子、公園裡自製的鞦韆座椅。 這些公民設計反映社區什麼需求? 作為設計師和關注社區的人,我們如何設計能夠增強社區凝聚力的公共空間和設施?

在這個互動工作坊中,我們邀請參與者探索深水埗「連結」及「分隔」社區的設計,並引 actors map 和 conflict map(衝突圖)等工具,一起細看連結或分裂我們社區的東西是甚麼。

*一系列有關設計與和平的書將於 openground 內展示

羅偉珊 x 劉彤茵 @和平世代團隊
兩個持續受藝術文化滋養的 Peace Generation 成員,分別具藝術勞動、文化管理、策展、社區參與、公民創造等經驗,致力研習以人文關懷眼光細察日常生活,落手落腳累積一個富同理心而溫柔的世界。


Walking around Sham Shui Po, one notices many makeshift ‘citizen designs’ - from pre-loved chairs lined up at the corner of the street to self-made swing seats in the park. What do these citizen designs tell us about the needs of the community? As designers and community builders, how can we design public spaces and facilities to foster community cohesion? 

In this interactive workshop, we will explore how the public designs in Sham Shui Po can connect, disconnect or even divide the community. and introduce tools like actors mapping and conflict mapping.

About the facilitators:
Susi Law x Venus Lau @Peace Generation teamTwo Peace Generation members, Susi and Venus, have been nourished by art and culture. With their rich experiences in art, cultural management, curation, community participation and civic engagement respectively, they hope to cultivate a more empathetic and tender society.

 *A series of Design & Peace related books will be available for reading at openground