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Conflict: why we get trapped and how we get out

第一節 Session 1:20/10/2022 (Thur) 7-9pm
(廣東話主講 Cantonese)
第二節 Session 2: 21/10/2022 (Fri) 7-9pm
(英語主講 English)
@合舍 Form Society

讀住傾 Stories from:修復關係的正向衝突 High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out


每次談及政治都要選邊站?公投是最好的方法解決社會問題?離婚過程一定是痛苦? 為什麼總覺得對方是錯?衝突有時會拉遠各方距離,亦會拉近同立場的人,二元分立使衝突不斷蔓延,惹來更多恩怨情仇,到頭來人們卻沒有處理衝突的源流。活動會以Amanda Ripley的新書《修復關係的正向衝突》(High Conflict) 為切入點,以互動及討論形式了解衝突,探討擺脫衝突的黃金機會,繼而轉化為一份送給自己和他人關係的禮物。

林于正 x 程德欣 x 蔡潔欣 @和平世代團隊
三位Peace Generation的成員匯集不同的經驗和知識,包括和平研究、調解、教育哲學、社區參與和跨界別合作。 結合講者們對衝突轉化的學術知識和實戰經驗,將啟發參加者重新思考日常生活和社會中的衝突。

Why is it that we take sides every time we talk about politics? Is a referendum the best way to solve social problems? Does divorce have to be painful? And why is the other side always wrong? The convenient but unhelpful binaries that dominate politics today have made even the tiniest of conflicts worse, leading to painful and destructive consequences. Amanda Ripley’s new book High Conflict will help us dissect the darkest secrets of conflict and explore hidden but abundant opportunities for navigating ourselves out of conflict. 

About the speakers:
Curtis Lam x Fiona Ching x Kit Choi @Peace Generation team
The speakers will tap into their diverse experiences and knowledge, including peace studies, mediation, education philosophy, community engagement and cross-sector collaboration. Their unique combination of academic and hands-on experience in conflict transformation will inspire participants to rethink conflict in everyday life and society.