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搭檯制唔制:後生 x 老人家傾餐飽 
Communal seating, okay? Youngsters x older folks in dialogue

30/10/2022 (Sun)
11am - 1pm
@openground G/F
(廣東話進行 Cantonese)


與陌生人交談是一場歷險,總可發現新事物與觀點,亦有助更了解自己。不同年紀、世代、背景的確會影響看事物的方式,但一樣要面對愛情、死亡、自我、家庭、童年等等。我們準備好「對話餐牌」,內有一系列問題,即使世代相隔坐埋一台,要deep talk(傾有營養的偈),要建立關係,全都無難度!

協辦:Dialogue Hour
Dialogue Hour為自發的社區組織,始於 2019 年 11 月,旨在通過遊戲和其他促導方式在被接受和保密的空間討論當前問題。


Older folks = long-winded, closed-minded, patronising; youngsters = unreliable, disrespectful, reckless. Are these true types or stereotypes?

A conversation with a stranger is an adventure to discover stories and viewpoints and to understand oneself better. People of different ages, backgrounds, upbringings view the world differently - but we have shared experiences like falling in love, self-discovery, family, childhood. We invite you to share a ‘dialogue meal’ with someone of a different generation, where you will be guided by a menu of questions to discover the joy of conversing with a stranger. 

Co-host: Dialogue Hour
The Dialogue Hour is a community initiative that started in November 2019 to create an accepting and confidential space for discussing current issues and improving our understanding of different viewpoints, through games and other facilitated components.