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傾傾偈揼石仔:社區連結實驗 x 和平學小書展
Chatting as an endeavour - Community engagement projects showcase x Book exhibition on Peace Studies

13 - 30/10/2022
12nn - 7pm 
(逢星期二休息 Tuesday Off)
@合舍 Form Society


同場有剛於今個夏季參加 Peace Fellowship 的大專生們,展示兩個月內在深水埗進行社區考察的成果,從物品、聲音、影像及文字,分享連結社羣的點滴。(立即看看 打開耳仔做住學:Peace Fellows社區連結分享

In times of great change and uncertainty, you can still find inspiration and hope in books. The book exhibition presents a selection of books relating to Peace Studies and community connection. Book talks by the Peace Generation team and guest speakers will explore the many facets of peace and conflict. 

The event also showcases community engagement projects by the Summer 2022 Peace Fellows, following two months in Sham Shui Po making connections with different segments of the community. (Check out Community engagement: sharing by Peace Fellows)



星期六、日進行 Saturdays and Sundays 
15, 16, 22, 29, 30 /10, 2022
12:30pm - 6:30pm
@合舍門外 Shop front of Form Society
 (廣東話或英語進行 Cantonese/English)

展期期間,Peace Generation 同埋 Peace Fellows 將合舍門口化成「石仔傾偈站」!
喺十月的三個週末你可能每次經過都會見到唔同嘅朋友仔帶住唔同嘅驚奇,包括玩「聆聽卡」、交換故事、創作練習等等,同大家吹吹水。歡迎大家路過即興參與 ☺。

Over the 3 weekends of this event, the shop front of Form Society will be transformed into a ConverStation.  There, you can exchange stories with others through dialogue card games and creative activities. Come join us and find happy encounters!   


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